Get high-quality private cheat Crooked Arms for Call of Duty Vanguard

Меню приватного чита Crooked Arms для Call of Duty Vanguard, легко настраивается
Your attention is presented to one of the few working private cheats for the game Call of Duty Vanguard. The program was created by an experienced Crooked Arms development team. In their arsenal there are many different projects that are popular all over the world. The cheat was created almost immediately after the launch of the shooter. We applied technologies that were used in Warzone and Cold War. Equipped with a modern anti-cheat bypass, thereby reducing the chance of getting an account blocking to a minimum. You should not expect any supernatural abilities from the cheat. Everything is as standard as possible. First of all, because of the low popularity of the game. But the developers regularly update and support the software after technical work in the game. In Crooked Arms private cheat, you can find many visual features. Highlight opponents, their names, health, distance. In order to fully navigate in space, you will come to the aid of the radar. With it, no enemy will go unnoticed. Naturally, there is also AimBot. He will move your mouse cursor to the selected body part of the opponent.
Your main task is to press the mouse button and make a shot. Easily adjustable and customizable to your playing style. Also, you can shoot with a clamp, thanks to the built-in anti-recoil. In addition, it is possible to adjust the color palette of visual functions. This is very convenient and makes it possible to optimize the cheat for your playing style. The combination of functions will give a significant advantage over the enemy and lead your team to victory. The gameplay will become much more interesting. Take advantage of online payment right now and become the best player on the server with the Crooked Arms private cheat for Call of Duty Vanguard.
Supported processors: Intel, AMD;
Supported OS: Windows 10-11 x64;
Supported builds: 1903(18362), 1909(18363), 2004(19041), 20H2 (19042), 21H1(19043), 21H2(19044), 21H2 build 22000, 22494;
In order to find out the version of your OS, insert the WINVER command into the Windows search and press ENTER.
Project type: External; Superimposed on top of the game client.
Game mode: Windowed;
Easy start and installation.
Works in modes: Network game | ZOMBIE;
Scale in the system and in the game: 100%;
- If your skeleton/box is away from the real model, set the SCREEN FORMAT: AUTO in the graphics settings
- If there are black bars on the sides of the screen, remove it.

Crooked Arms private cheat system requirements for Escape from Tarkov

Additional Information:

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Private cheat functionality
Only visible (only visible)
Name (name)
Health (health)
Distance (distance)
Line (lines)
2d box (boxes)
Skeleton (skeletons (subject to visibility)
Enemy alarm (warning about players out of sight)
Size line skeleton (skeleton size (1-3))
Backlight distance (backlight range (from 10m to 1000m))
Additional distance (highlight range for name (name), health (health), weapon (weapon)
Radar (radar)
Enable radar (enable radar)
Size (size adjustment)
Position by x (position adjustment on the x-axis)
Position by y (position adjustment along the y axis)
Alpha (general transparency)
Backlight distance (backlight distance)
Enable aimbot (aim (works when holding the specified key)
Type (type): - mouse movement (mouse movement)
- sight movement (movement of the sight)
- combined movement (combined)
Visibility check (walls)
Smoothness guidance (smooth guidance)
Control radius
Draw fov circle (disable visual fov circle)
Fov (angle of view (fov) (aim trigger zone))
Distance (aim trigger distance)
Enable prediction (shot prediction is enabled by default)
Bone selection (bone selection (head\neck\body))
Key selection (key selection (any of your choice)
Misc (miscellaneous):
No recoil (disable recoil)
Constant uav (radar on the map)

Color hidden enemy
Color visible enemy
Target color

Open menu key (selection of the button to open the software menu) by default on home
Save setting key (choose button to save settings)
Load setting key (select the button for loading settings)
Update delay time
After payment, you will receive detailed instructions, a download link and an activation key. All the necessary data will come to your mail, which you specify before payment.
In case of difficulties - write to us using the contact details. We will be happy to answer you and help you with the launch and installation.