High-quality private cheat Crooked Arms for the game Call of Duty Cold War

Демонстрация меню приватного чита Crooked Arms для игры EFT
According to gamers, Black Ops Cold War is the seventeenth part of the main shooter series. It's unlikely to go down in history as the best iteration of the popular franchise, but it still deserves our attention. This part was more fortunate than the rest, because. it came out right after the Warzone battle royale. Impressed fans ran to play Cold War. But she did not achieve the same stunning success. The developers of Crooked Arms, on the wave of popularity, created a working private cheat in a matter of days and announced it to users. At first, hundreds of cheaters entered the battle and began to dominate the enemy. But over time, their interest began to fade. But the private cheat remained and it is still being updated and kept up to date by the developers. The functionality is standard. You can highlight enemies, find out their names, health, draw lines to the target. In order to make it convenient for you to navigate in space - use the radar. On the mini map you will see the movements of rivals and build a neutralization plan.
Naturally, it was not without the Aimbot function. It will move the mouse cursor exactly to the selected part of the enemy's body. You will only have to make a crushing shot and pick up the frag. It was planned to add loot highlighting to the cheat. They even started developing and testing it, but due to the sharply falling popularity of the shooter, this did not happen. Nevertheless, the set of available functions will give you a significant advantage over the enemy. Private cheat Crooked Arms for the game Cold War will make the game process much more interesting and exciting. There will be no need to spend hours of your precious time and spend it on improving the skill.
Supported processors: Intel, AMD;
Supported OS: Windows 10-11 x64;
Supported builds: 1903(18362), 1909(18363), 2004(19041), 20H2(19042), 21H1(19043), 21H2(19044), 21H2 build 22000;
In order to find out the version of your OS, insert the WINVER command into the Windows search and press ENTER.
Project type: External;
Game mode: Windowed;
Support for invisibility on video or screenshots, screen sharing: Yes;
Easy launch and installation;
Works in modes: Network game | Zombie mode;

Crooked Arms private cheat system requirements for Call of Duty Cold War

Additional Information:

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Private cheat functionality
Name (name)
Health (health)
Distance (distance)
Line (lines)
2d box (boxes)
Skeleton (skeletons (subject to visibility)
Size line skeleton (skeleton size (1-3))
Backlight distance (backlight range (from 10m to 1000m))
Additional distance (highlight range for name (name), health (health)
Shot prediction (shot prediction)
Enable radar (enable radar)
Size (size adjustment)
Position by x (position adjustment on the x-axis)
Position by y (position adjustment along the y axis)
Alpha (general transparency)
Backlight distance (backlight distance)
Enable aimbot (aim (works when holding the specified key)
Priority type - on sight
-on distance
Smoothness guidance (smooth guidance)

Control radius
Fov (angle of view (fov) (aim trigger zone))
Distance (aim trigger distance)
Bullet flight time (bullet flight time)
Bone selection (bone selection (head\neck\body))
Key selection (key selection (any of your choice)
Zombi (when you are the host or room leader)
God mode (God mode)
Instant kill (one shot kill)
Freeze ammo (infinite ammo)
Tp all zombies to me (zombie magnet to me)
Distance to me :(0.000-...) (distance from me)
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