Надёжный приватный чит Crooked ARMS для игры The Finals

The pros of buying a working Crooked Arms private chit for The Finals game
In the world of PC gaming, many players are looking to improve their skills and experience in order to achieve greater success. In this regard, using a working private cheat can have a number of benefits. One such cheat, Crooked Arms for The Finals, provides players with unique features and functions to improve their gameplay. In this article, we will look at the pros of buying and using this cheat.

Quality private cheat
Crooked Arms is a high-quality private cheat developed by reliable programmers. It receives all the necessary updates and refinements from the hands of developers. Regular edits and adjustments to the functions guarantee the stable operation of the cheat.
Quick reaction to changes in the game
Developers react quickly to changes and technical works in the game, ensuring the smooth operation of the cheat and its functions.

Minimal risk of blocking
Crooked Arms works with a minimal chance of blocking, as it uses a modern method of bypassing anti-chit, which allows players to enjoy the gameplay without fear of negative consequences.

Easy launch and installation
Installing and running Crooked Arms is easy and convenient, and in case you have difficulties with the setup, technical support will help and answer all your questions for free.

Read functionality
Crooked Arms has a powerful functionality, including such features as WallHack, which allows you to see the exact location of the enemy behind the wall, as well as Aim Bot, which helps to accurately aim the mouse for a successful shot. The radar will also help players navigate through the space, providing solid control over gameplay.

In general, buying and using a working Crooked Arms private cheat for The Finals game can significantly improve the gaming experience and increase the chances of winning. This cheat provides players with unique and powerful features so that they can enjoy the game to the fullest and achieve high results.
Supported processors: Intel, AMD;
Supported OS: Windows 10-11 x64;
Supported builds: 1903(18362), 1909(18363), 2004(19041), 20H2(19042), 21H1(19043), 21H2(19044), 21H2 (22000), 22H2 (22621), 23H2 (22631);
In order to find out the version of your OS, insert the WINVER command into the Windows search and press ENTER.
Project type: External; Superimposed on top of the game client.
Game Mode: Windowed and Borderless;
Easy start and installation.
Supported game version: Steam;
Scale in the system and in the game: 100%;

Private cheat system requirements for
The Finals

Additional Information:

You can buy a private Crooked Arms cheat online on our website

Private cheat functionality


Only visible

Friends (Friends)

Name (Name)

Line (Lines)

Health (Health)

Box type:(Boxes type)




Skeleton (Skeletons (taking into account visibility)

Size line skeleton: (Skeleton size(1-3))

Skeleton draw distance: (Distance of drawing the skeleton)


Backlight distance:(Illumination range (from 10m to 1000m)


Enable radar

Backlight distance:

Position by X:

Position by Y:




Visible layers color

Invisible players color

My team players color

Target player color


Open menu key: (Menu opening key)


Enable aimbot(Aim (triggered when the specified key is held down)

Lock target (Lock the target)

Do not aim at friends (Do not aim at friends)

Visibility check (Wall accounting)

Aim priority: (Aim priority)

 Distance (Distance)

 Crosshair (Sight)

Control radius: an area in which you can freely move the mouse when the aim sticks to the player (the higher the value, the larger the area)

Draw fov circle (Enabling and disabling the visual FoV circle)

Fov: (Viewing angle(FOV)(AIM trigger area))

Distance: (AIM trigger distance)

Bones selection:( Bone selection . you can choose 1 bone or several bones)

Head (head)

Neck (neck)

Left elbow (left arm)

Right elbow (right arm)

Body (body)

Pelvis (groin)

Left knee (left knee)

Right knee (right knee)

Bone change time: (Frequency of bone change)

Key selection:(Key selection for aim operation) (ANY OF YOUR CHOICE)

Program menu

After payment, you will receive detailed instructions, a download link and an activation key. All the necessary data will come to your mail, which you specify before payment.
In case of difficulties - write to us using the contact details. We will be happy to answer you and help you with the launch and installation.