Troubleshooting Crooked Arms Hardware component has changed

This error means that you have changed the original code of the computer to which the activation key was bound. Because the program uses unique device identifiers and makes sure that the cheat is running on one computer. There is nothing to be surprised, just like that, Hardware component has changed will not appear out of nowhere.

Most likely, you changed the operating system, or added / removed components to the computer, perhaps rearranged something. Or they simply used the HWID Spoofer, which changed the characteristics of the device. In the case of spoofers, usually information about the PC returns after the computer is restarted. Accordingly, it must be disabled.
The correct sequence of using the program to replace data: Cheat - spoofer - game. After exiting the game, with this combination, the software will not be able to start the second time. You will need to restart your computer. Provided that the spoofer works with the help of a driver and does not change the computer data on an ongoing basis.
If you have purchased from our website, you must provide the following information:
  • Login (mail) and your activation key.
  • The reason for the reset.
  • If the reason is a change of components, describe what exactly was changed.
  • After that, wait for the developer's decision. The time spent resetting the HWID will not be added.
If you did not pass the verification, the reset is paid - 100 rubles.
You can contact us using the contact details at the top of the site.

After payment, you will receive detailed instructions, a download link and an activation key. All the necessary data will come to your mail, which you specify before payment.
In case of difficulties - write to us using the contact details. We will be happy to answer you and help you with the launch and installation.