Launching and installing Crooked Arms Private cheats

The instructions for launching Crooked Arms private cheats are almost the same for all games. Sometimes there is a recommendation from the developer that you need to use a USB flash drive to run the cheat. And after the injection - to extract it. This advice can be applied to all products. Apparently, they believe that this way the chance of blocking is reduced. Also, the cheat can be run without a flash drive.
First steps
Before starting the cheat, close the game center and the client itself.
If you have previously run an alternative cheat, restart your computer.
Also, remember that the cheat launcher must be closed before starting the game.

  1. Download the program using the button above;
  2. Register in the launcher
Accordingly, enter the username, your email, password and confirm the password. Click on the "Sing UP" button. Solves the captcha, if it is highlighted.
Log in to the launcher under the data that you specified during registration.
If you forgot the password to log in to the program:
Activation of the key takes place in a special field in the launcher.
Select the game from the list, click on your nickname at the bottom left and there you will see the button to insert the key into the cheat.
Launching a private cheat
  1. Download the cheat launcher to a USB flash drive, run it from it. (Optional, but desirable).
  2. Run the cheat launcher on behalf of the administrator;
  3. In the list of programs, select the purchased cheat;
  4. Click on the Launch button;
  5. After the inscription Successfully launched - close the launcher;
  6. Disconnect the USB flash drive, make sure it is disconnected;
  7. Start the game;
  8. The cheats menu opens on the Home button;
If the program displays an error, it means that something is interfering with the program. And it is necessary to disable security services, remove antiviruses and programs that may interfere with the launch of the program - read more.
If you don't see the menu in the game, switch the game to window mode with a frame.
After payment, you will receive detailed instructions, a download link and an activation key. All the necessary data will come to your mail, which you specify before payment.
In case of difficulties - write to us using the contact details. We will be happy to answer you and help you with the launch and installation.